Hidden Treasures: it's all in the name

Hidden Treasures: it's all in the name

Hidden Treasures in Clinton is named perfectly. It is a hunting and gathering hub, but that is just the outer layer, for down to the core it is so much more. As a division of WHEAT Community Connections which is a direct service of the United Way of Tri-County, the spirit of the shop is alive as soon as you walk through the door.


The small shop is essentially organized into a big loop, with thoughtful rearranging occuring to accommodate the rhythm of goods in and out. The inspiration is there for visitors as managers skillfully display items encouraging all things cozy. You’ll find hand-knit afghans folded and draped over the arms of winged chairs and cleverly displayed decor circling around the base of vintage lamps.


Volunteers work sorting and arranging, while community members stop by with bags. Once poking around a bit you’ll notice that “I have a few bags for donation, where would you like me to put them?” is a beautiful chorus set on repeat.


The goods at Hidden Treasures can fall into two categories: The Necessities and The Super Scores. Depending on who you talk to, these categories are contextually interchangeable.


Let’s break it down

The Necessities are a selection of sets:
-Living rooms with accent tables and pillows that compliment.
-Kitchen tables and chairs to set with place settings ready to dine.
-Bed frames and cribs with sheet set to fit.
-Racks of clothing with seasonal staples.

All of these sets are priced with the mission of the United Way in mind and ready to furnish a home full of hope, affordable for all.

The Super Scores are always there as well just waiting to be plucked:
-A vintage white Hanes sweatshirt hip enough to wear to a Brooklyn brunch.
-A unique wicker elephant causing double takes and found on fancy antique sites for big dough.
-A mix and match of tea cups to create your own colorful collection.
-A Kachina Eagle dancer from a local collection too beautiful leave behind

These are all just a sampling of special items found at the shop.

Whether you are in need of a restart without a huge stash to invest in furniture, a seasoned consorter of cool finds, or looking for affordable pieces to refinish and refine, Hidden Treasures is a nice place to be part of. The wonderful cycle of giving and receiving, of looking and finding is an energy that fills the air. Head over with some donations and take some time to explore, you never know what you’ll find.


272 High Street, Clinton
10-4pm everyday but Sunday
Want to donate? 508-370-4943
Need to transport? They’ve got their truck! For $20.00 your furniture purchase can be brought to your home or likewise, your donations can be picked up and taken to the shop. (Price for residents in the community that WHEAT serves, out of the district is an affordable increased fee).

WHEAT: community goodness

WHEAT: community goodness

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